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Anti Aging Skin Care Routine

Do you want to achieve younger-looking skin? If yes, what skincare routine have you been doing? Are you one of those women who have undergone surgery just to look young? Or, are you one of those who flock their pouch with anti-aging serum, cream, and other ultra-expensive beauty products?

skin care routine for sensitive skin

Well, there is really nothing wrong with applying anti-aging creams, moisturizers, and other topical solutions, however, what is really important is you know that you’re on the right track especially with your daily skin care routine.

So, what makes a skin care routine good and not? If you are fond of applying moisturizers to your skin, then that is good. This is because the skin is mainly made of water, and constantly hydrating it can help preserve its natural composition. Just make sure that your moisturizing cream or lotion contains hydration enhancers such as glycerin and shea butter. Make this a habit, and you’re on your way to maintaining younger-looking skin.

Applying sunblock is also good for your skin. However, if you only apply sunscreen when you go outside of your house, then it’s not a good skincare routine. According to skin experts, UVA rays actually travel even through the insides of your home, office, or car making you vulnerable to the radiation’s harmful effects, especially to your skin.

That is why; it is recommended that you always wear sunscreen anywhere rain or shine. You should also keep your distance from your fireplace because the heat of the fire can greatly damage your skin. It can easily break down skin’s collagen a chemical essential in skin rejuvenation.

Remember, nothing can protect your skin from the damaging effects of the heat produced by a fire near you. Not even a sunblock with very high SPF.

In addition, using a straw, when drinking, is not a good skincare routine and practice. According to dermatologists, consistently drinking using a straw either aggravate lines around the mouth or create some, which, in the long run, can make you look old.

Hence, it is suggested that you only guzzle the water or sip the water from a glass when drinking. If you’re bringing water with you, have a container that has a spout, so you’ll only squirt the water to your mouth like a fountain. That way, you don’t have to touch your mouth into the bottle’s opening.

Furthermore, according to skin experts, sleeping sideways is not a good skincare routine. It creates pressure on the skin on your face which can either stretch or stress your skin that can aggravate aging in the long run. A good skincare routine is to always sleep on your back and sleep on smooth and soft pillows with silk and satin as the case.

Basically, fighting aging need not be so expensive. You simply have to practice these skincare routines outlined above and make your skin youthful as always.

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