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Expression Lines on Forehead

As people age, most of the indicators are on the skin. Both men and women feel conscious about their age once they notice several ugly indicators in their faces. One of the most common skin problems that you can get from aging is the expression lines on forehead.

expression lines

These lines can likely be deep and become noticeable even at an early age. In fact, there some teens and young adults who have forehead wrinkles.

Forehead wrinkles are most of the time very visible that it can’t be easily concealed by creams or make-up. There are several things that contribute to having expression lines on the forehead even at an early age. If you are wondering what have you done or not done in the past that might have caused those ugly expression lines, the following paragraph might help you.

The forehead is very much exposed to the sun. If you used to spend most of your time under the sun without any sun protection formula in your skin, this could be one reason for having forehead wrinkles. Expression lines can also be a result of your years of frowning and brow rising.

If you have not learned how to smile and relax during your young age, you can probably get a wrinkled forehead earlier. Even when you sleep, a lot of wrinkling can happen.

How can you prevent Expression lines on forehead?

Too much exposure to the sun takes away a huge amount of moisture from your skin making the skin vulnerable to wrinkles. Thus, as young as you are now, you should start applying sunblock creams before exposing your skin to the sun. Your skin needs a lot of moisture to fight wrinkles. Thus, to prevent wrinkles when you age, make sure you start moisturizing your skin now.

Your lifestyle when you are young also reflects when you aged through your skin. Make sure you eat and drink the vitamins and minerals your skin need. Avoid toxins and alcohol for these can take away the glow in your skin. And most importantly, don’t make face or frown that often or it will freeze in your face. To stay young and beautiful, you should learn to smile and relax.

How can you treat Expression lines on forehead?

You can get rid of these ugly expression lines on forehead through proper moisturization, exfoliation, and renewing creams. These can stimulate your skin to renew itself. It is very advisable to start treating these wrinkles as early as possible. However, if the lines are already very deep, it may take a lot of exfoliation before you can reduce them.

You can try using microdermabrasion treatment like wand, cloth, or scrub in order to remove dead skin. A chemical peel, serum, or lotion can then be used to treat the affected areas. After exfoliation, you need to apply moisturizing cream or serum that contains active ingredients for wrinkle prevention and skin rebuilding vitamins and minerals.

However, you need to remember that the treatment won’t be effective when you are not refraining from the things that contribute to the appearance of wrinkles like sun exposure.

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